Buying Investment Property

Have you ever wished you lived in the desert, surrounded by succulents, gorgeous sunsets, and crystal clear skies and wonder where the perfect location is for buying investment property?  The land that is in the deserts surrounding Phoenix and Las Vegas is an amazing investment opportunity right now.

Around 44 million people visit Las Vegas every year.  Most of them are in out by the time the weekend is over, but who is it that entertains, hosts, chauffeurs, cooks and cleans for these people?  The answer to this is the residents of Las Vegas.  The average number of employees at a Las Vegas casino is around 8,000.  All of these employees need places to live with in close range of the casino that they work at.  The land around Las Vegas is cheap and many people need it.

Phoenix is in the northeastern area of the Sonoran Desert also known as the Valley of the Sun.  With a subtropical desert climate, the 518 square miles of Phoenix is inhabited by over 1.4 million people and growing.  Many of these inhabitants are drawn to Phoenix for the climate while others are drawn to the real estate there.  The real estate crash in 2008 made Phoenix a prime area to buy cheap real estate now before the price in the many suburban areas go back up.